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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why choose Doodlebug?

I painted at a 5-year old's birthday today. When I arrived, I introduced myself to the little girl's mother and asked her how she had heard about me. She said that she had found me on the internet and had read my blog. The fact that I had written about my daughter Sophie had appealed to her and she had decided to contact me for her daughter's party.

That got me thinking... Why would it matter that I have a baby daughter and a 5-year old son? Why would someone planning a party choose me over all of the other face painters in the Montreal area?

Well, having a couple of children at home doesn't make me a better painter. However, it does tell the party planner that I'm a parent – just like them.  I spend a lot of time around little kids... I go along on playdates, field trips and birthday parties. I know the things that kids like, are watching and more importantly, I know how to talk with them. Anyone with some talent and the right supplies can face paint, but those who have a knack with kids - "kidsperience" I like to call it – are the ones who will be a success at what they do.

I was once told (at another party that I was painting at) that I "had a real way with children". I realize now what a great compliment that was.  : )