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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Face Painting frenzy!

This weekend was a busy one for Doodlebug Face Painting!

Along with 2 birthday parties (one on Saturday and another on Sunday afternoon), I took part in the Wee Wiggles Fair Affair, which was a huge success!

I arrived about a half hour before the Fair was to begin in order to set up my chair, signs and business cards/brochures and was greeted with a roomful of people putting the finishing touches on their displays and booths.

After returning home for a change of clothes and some "self-painting" I returned to the fair at 10 a.m. (an hour after it had begun) and was SHOCKED at the number of people that were there. I actually had a line forming before I even had a chance to set up my paints and get my water ready!

After that, the next 2 hours were a blur. My "neighbors" were from Mini-Mod, (the local hair salon for kids) and one of the women was a real sweetheart – she kept asking if I needed anything (water, coffee etc.) as there was no way I could have left my booth, the line-up was constant.

My husband and son arrived in time for the magic show and musical entertainment and I was happy with my decision to have painted my son's face BEFORE I left home as he would have been stuck in line, instead of enjoying the show! (and sampling some of the gingerbread cookies provided by a local bakery!)

 All in all, it was a fantastic experience and I got a lot of exposure. I heard so many encouraging comments and got quite a few enquiries about pricing and availability. My stack of business cards was completely wiped out by the end of my 2-hour "shift" and a good number of my brochures had been picked up as well. Kudos to Ariana Jalfen for organizing such a well-attended and successful event, and a big thank you for asking me to take part! 

I look forward to next year's Wee Wiggles Fair!


  1. Sounds like quite an event with many tiny smiling faces! Nice work Nancy! :)

  2. Wow way to go Nan! I always say just do what you love and the work will come. Of course it helps that you are so talented ; ) Fun!