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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun Giveaway for the Montreal-area!

OK, so I might be a little obsessed with my new rainbow cakes! I think I may have actually dreamt about them last night! LOL! In any case, I couldn't wait to get up this morning and after I got the kidlets to school and daycare, I whipped up a couple more "rainbow" faces. What do you think?

Now these are pretty standard-fare faces for rainbow cakes... everyone's seen a butterfly, tiger and rainbow. That got me thinking. How can I come up with some new ideas for how to use these? That's where YOU come in. Leave me a comment on this post for a face design you'd like me to try and paint. It doesn't have to be done with a rainbow cake - it could just be a cool idea you've got for a face painting. I've got roughly 6 weeks left before I head back to work and I'd like to TRY to paint a face a day until then (weekends exluded - there's no time for painting when the kiddies are around!) so send me your ideas!

On October 15th, 2010, I will choose one winner at random from all of the comments posted to receive a 1-hour face painting party for FREE. (8 kids maximum, must be in the Montreal-area, travel fee may apply, expires October 15, 2011 – book early to secure date)

***IMPORTANT*** Please leave your name and email address on your posting - if you are not signed in Blogger your posting will come up as "anonymous" and I will not be able to reach you if you are the winner!

So send me your ideas! Have your friends send me their ideas! I know a lot of people visit this blog, but nobody ever leaves any comments – and I LOVE comments!

Good luck everyone, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


  1. Hey Nancy!
    Great's a few ideas. My son is fascinated by the solar system, so that might be interesting. Another idea would be the kids are really into geography, so that might be cool....put a star where they live! lol Kind of like your own google map. :) How about a ladybug? (Not sure if you do that already) My youngest is obsessed with them. How about one side of the face is a sunrise, and the other a sunset?
    Sorry, I think I was only supposed to give one idea! lol Oh well, this is fun....hope you like them.
    Andrea Juneau

  2. Love Andrea's ideas... How about a fairy? Those rainbow cakes look like something that you would see in a fairy tale/ballet/Shakespear's "Midsummer Night's Dream"..

  3. I would love to see anything ballet or Nutcracker-themed for my ballerina daughter..and my other daughter Carly wants to know if a CUPCAKE is possible somehow- she is having a cupcake decorating party for her birthday in a couple of weeks.
    Great contest idea! Thanks Nancy.


  4. Every month has a theme...Sept. apples or back to school, oct. Halloween and fall leaves, Nov. rain, Dec. xmas, Jan. New year's and snow, Feb. Valentine, Mar. tough one, April. Easter, May. Spring, Jun. flowers, July and Aug. summer vacation and camping.

    For a kids party...dinausaurs, dragons and monsters is what Liam would want to see...he's obsessed by them.

    Hope this helps...good luck collecting ideas.

  5. Hi Nancy,
    have face painting with fish, turn the eye as a fish eye...or better yet,the beautiful patterns and colors of discus fish... (you know who I am now!) OK here and other idea face painting like in avatar movie with glow in the dark paint... combine with glow sticks.

  6. Wow....I love them all! What a "cool mom" you are! How about a circus or zoo theme.....? My boys love animals.....Laurie-ann

  7. love your blog nan, and what great faces you're coming up with! well, let's see here... if I was going to have you paint my face right now, what would I want? Ah! I would like to see a mardi gras kind of theme - maybe a white base with a splashy mask-type, feathery, glittery one-sided kind of design... and i am seeing purple in there! :-)


  8. oh, sorry i have another one... how about something bird-inspired, like a peacock?

  9. Hey Nancy,
    How about hot air balloons? With Halloween coming up, how about ghosts and goblins? Something like Casper comes to mind.
    This is fun....:)
    Andrea Juneau

  10. Hey Nancy, great work. I say the Starbucks symbol...LOL but Madison's suggestion is a ladybug.

  11. Very cool contest here! Ok, my suggestion is really too typical but can't resist. How about a Hello Kitty face? Or I'd love to see an entire bouquet of peonies, poppies or any other flower painted. Like, 2 or 3 super huge blooms!

  12. Hi Nancy,

    My son is really into super heros at the moment. He would love a spiderman or batman face. He also loves race cars. Something else that could be fun is fireworks. Lori

  13. Hey Nancy,
    Since hockey season is upon us could you create a Montreal Canadians or hockey themed face? My boys are obsessed!
    As usual, you blow my mind with your creativity.
    Have fun!

  14. Hi Nancy,
    Last night at the dinner table, I got the whole family involved. Here's what we cam up with:
    Rainbow Face
    Star Fish
    Goalie Mask
    Sun Dial
    Ice cream cone
    Thanks it for now.....:)
    Andrea Juneau

  15. What about a fox and crow? I'd love to see that. Also, WebKinz dolls are so huge I bet if you had little girls choose their fav WebKinz they'd love it.

  16. Hey Nancy great Job on the faces!
    I just showed them to my Daughter she said she would love to see a giant flower design. She loves flower and the book by Robert Munch called "Look at me"
    where a "Paint Face" goes crazy.

    Have a great day
    Lisa Skolnick

  17. Hey Nan! I love your face paintings, you're so creative! And I really like your new blog machine:)

  18. Great job!

    My sons are loving Transformers.


  19. So far your designs are amazing Nan! How about something LEGO. I know both Stuart and Oliver would love to see something like a Lego Robot or Lego astronaut or something like that. Not sure if it would be a whole face or maybe a lego character on one side of the face, I'll let you decide.

    And then for my Barbie girl, would love to see something Barbie. What? I have no idea!


  20. Hey Nancy -- got a couple of ideas for you courtesy of 'the boys' :
    • Pokemon
    • Someone from Avatar

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  21. My class at school is studying medieval times right now- what about a Knight?!?


  22. HI Nancy,

    As I've said on Facebook, your designs are amazing. Not sure how you would do this but how about my favorite comic book character Wonder Woman?

    Phil Fogel

  23. Since Ava is such a hippie-chick, how about a Flower Power design with peac signs? Kinda kaleidoscope-y Age of Aquarius?

  24. Hey Nan,

    Great job on the blog. You're doing really cool work. I got some ideas...

    At first I was thinking about painting people's faces with other people's faces. Like the faces in famous works of art; the Mona Lisa, Picasso's front view/side view thing he did, Van gogh's self portrait (you could get real "brush Strokey" with the beard), or that creepy little guy from Munch's "The Scream". Perhaps these ideas are too niche. Might be appropriate for a vernissage/masquerade ball but I don't know how popular those are these days, or ever...

    So then I was thinking you could make Anime type faces with the big eyes. You could color the eye socket dark to represent the iris and pupil and then colour the area beyond that including the eyebrows white, then this gets outlined with "eye make-up". That might be pretty crazy if it worked. Could also do other cartoon faces this way like Homer Simpson, etc. This got me thinking that you could paint different styles of glasses on people. The frames would be painted right on the face with the eyebrow being integrated into the top part of the frame.; round rose-coloured for the hippie chick, daek Wayfarers for the lil' Top Guns, vintage colourful frames for the 50's secretary look (some red lipstick and a mole to top it off...). There are so many eras and people you could evoke with the right pair of glasses, it might be fun to play around...

    Failing all that. How 'bout "Zombie Elvis"?



    P.S. Hi Andrea Juneau!
    art • instruction • adventure